Best Technique For Bleaching Your Knots!

As we are slowly entering into these summer months, we have decided to dive deep into one important question we constantly get asked about when it comes to wearing weave. What may that question be you say? Well, it’s “what are the best techniques for bleaching your knots?” Now for many years, hairstylists and consumers at home have been bleaching the knots of their lace front units to give off a natural hairline. You may have seen many YouTube videos or articles explaining the many ways you can try this technique. Some may say that hair bleach is the only effective way, and others may feel that makeup does just a good enough job of bleaching the knots. But who is right and who is wrong? Which technique is the best and which one will only waste our valuable time? Well, we are here to help this information go over a little more smoothly and less confusing. We have done some much needed research and have discovered some of the best techniques for bleaching your knots. So, without further delay let’s get right into this blog post.


What is bleaching your knots?

Before we get any further into what the best techniques for bleaching your knots, we should first explain what this means. So, bleaching or lightening your knots is a method you do to the lace that helps give a more natural appearance to your lace closure or lace frontal. The idea is to make the knots invisible so that it appears as if your weave is growing from your actual scalp. Some believe that the best way to remove the black pigment from your knots is to either bleach them, or add realistic makeup that mimics the color of your own scalp. Although both of these techniques are commonly used some have resulted in buying transparent lace front wigs. These units come with knots already invisible, but can cost you a pretty penny. If you want your wig or weave to look as natural as possible, your best bet is to bleach your knots. It’s the only true way to ensure your weave blends effortlessly into your hairline.


Materials you’ll need to bleach your knots.

  1. Bleach Developer (20 or 30 volume)
  2. Bleach
  3. Foil
  4. Plastic cap
  5. Mixing bowl
  6. Applicator brush
  7. Neutralizing Shampoo

These directions we find have been the best technique to date when it comes to bleaching your knots.

First: you want to pour a combination of bleach and developer into a bowl. The mixture should have a thick consistency almost resembling paste. You want to ensure that the mixture is not to soft or runny, or it will seep through the closure and bleach the weave instead of just the lace.

Second: You want lay out a piece of aluminum foil that is large enough to wrap around the lace closure when ready. If you have baby hairs on your wig or unit you need to make sure that it is pinned and out of the way from any bleach. Now, using the applicator brush you want to lightly place the bleach mixture on to the grid part of the lace. Once you have evenly disbursed the paste on the closure you can now wrap the foil around the piece entirely.

Third: You want to check on the closure or lace periodically between 5 to 10 minutes to see its progress. Depending on the developer or bleach you use the process can take between 15 to 25 minutes. Since the wait time is unclear you checking on the unit is your best bet to make sure you do not over bleach the lace.

Fourth: when you feel that the closure is all done you want to go ahead and wash it clean with neutralizing shampoo. This product helps stop the activating chemicals that are in bleach and stop it from further dying your closure or seeping into the closure. You want to leave the shampoo on the lace for about 8 minutes and then rinse it off with cool temperature water. Once done you can continue with conditioning and letting the lace air dry for a few minutes.

Fifth: Once the lace is completely dry double check your work and make sure there are no knots that were left un-bleached. If this is your first time ever bleaching your knots it's okay if you left a few knots untouched. If you want you definitely have the option to repeat steps 1 through 4 for more accurate results.

If you follow these steps precisely you can rest assure that your knots will come out perfectly bleach and blend naturally with your hairline.


Non-Recommended Techniques for bleaching your knots.

So, after explaining the best techniques when it comes down to bleaching your knots, we thought we would mention of few things to not try. Number one, is you don’t want to pour the bleach onto the lace. Using that method will cause you to lose control and possibly bleach the weave in the process.

Second, adding concealer or makeup is technically not considered bleaching your knots. But this technique is among the easiest one to try at home and can do the job just as well. Just remember to use an applicator brush to lightly dab on to the lace.

Lastly some may tell you to bleach your knots until it’s platinum blonde. But you want to stop the dye process when the knots turn around a honey blonde color. If you let the bleach sit for too long it will cause the strands on the closure to follow out or thin, which will give the appearance of a bald spot.


Which Techniques do you use when bleaching your knots?

Well, there you have it, we’ve given you the best technique when it comes to bleaching your knots. But just because we say it’s the best doesn’t mean it’s the only method out there. So, we want to hear from you all. Tell Fashion Hair Weave what techniques you like to use when you bleach your lace knots. Leave a comment in the section down below. Many others are curious on how to make this stressful task and simple and easy as possible.

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