Easy Way To Achieve Highlights On A Lace Wig!

Okay, so achieving the perfect highlights on your wig can be pretty tricky, especially if you want to try it at home. Although you don’t hear much people trying it themselves, trust us celebrities, and stylists have been perfecting the craft of highlighting for years. Personally, highlights can be an amazing way to spice up your everyday wig and style without causing extreme damage. Some women may stray away from this hairstyle with fear that it will not suit them very well. But, on the contrary, whether you’re someone who wants to achieve daring dramatic highlights or light and subtle brown ones, there is a technique and easy method out there for you! We have taken the time to research all of the best and most efficient ways to highlight your lace wig. And, we will also be giving you some do’s and don'ts about the process as well as some excellent tips in keeping your lace wig healthy. So, without further ado here are some easy ways to achieve highlights on your lace wig.


What are Highlights?

So, it’s best we give a brief summary on highlights and how they work. In the simplest term's highlights are random strands of hair that are lighter than the original hair color. For example, if the majority of your hair is brown then the highlight color would be anything from honey, chestnut, to bleach blonde. Highlights help add a young and refreshing touch to your hairstyle and overall look. The number one benefit of getting highlights is that it requires little to no maintenance or upkeep. Trying this hair dying method on your wig is the perfect way to keep your natural locs damage free and away from any harsh chemicals. There have been a few questions out there on whether or not the process to highlight your lace wig is different than that of your natural hair. After some moments of dissecting this hair coloring process we’ve come across a few similarities, and differences that you will need to know when highlighting your own lace wig.


Easy Way to Highlight your Lace Wig

Okay, so we live in a generation or efficiency and convenience. So, it’s only right I teach you the easiest and quickest way to try highlights out on your own wig. Here are some of the things you will need.

  • 12 strips of aluminum foil
  • Wig Stand
  • Rubber bands or banana clips.
  • Bleach powder
  • 30 volume developer
  • Rat tail comb
  • Mixing bowl and brush

First, you need to determine which area of the wig you want to apply the highlights on. For this example, let’s say we want to add strips of blonde sporadically around the front of our unit. What you should do is take about four to five sections from the front of your wig and tie them with a rubber band or a banana clip.

Once everything is separated you can now begin mixing your hair dye. If you want to achieve a simple honey blonde color, you’ll need to mix a bleach powder with a 30-volume developer. If you want to ensure the wig color doesn’t come out orange you will also need to mix a blue or purple additive.

Now that you’re done creating your mixture you will take a rat tail comb and go one by one through each section and create random parts where you want the high lights to be placed. Once you find the desired part you place it on to the foil, and lightly dab the dye on to that strand. When you’ve finished adding the required amount you will fold up the foil and move on to the next sections. If you have four sections on your wig you want to create three highlights per section which means you’ll use a total of 12 foil strips. The total amount of highlights at the end of the day is up to you.

(Tip) When you’re creating the parts for your highlighted section make sure it’s is not perfectly vertical or horizontal. This method will cause the highlights to look choppy, instead go for a diagonal parting for smoother transitions.

Next, you want to leave the dye on the hair for a total of 30 minutes. Remember to periodically check on the strands, because all dyes are different and we would hate for you to over bleach your precious wig. After, you’ve reached the desired time remove all of the foils and begin to wash the wig unit. You can use any shampoo or conditioner you would like as long as you make sure that it is sulphate free.

Lastly, let the wig air dry for the best results. And make sure before you style the hair to use heat resistant hair care products to keep the highlights and the wig in a healthy condition.


Do’s and Don'ts for Dying your Lace Wig

  • Make sure you do not let the dye touch the lace part of your hair this will cause damage and make the lace become flimsy.
  • Always do a strand test. Like we have mentioned before l, some weaves and dyes can be different and to ensure you do not mess up your wig completely it’s best to be on the safe side and do a strand test.
  • Tone your wig. The last thing you want is for your highlights to come out to be a brassy orange color. Your best bet is to mix a blue additive to your bleach mixture. If not, the additive makes sure you wash your wig out with purple shampoo to tone done the orange undertone in the highlights.
  • Deep condition your wig after you rinse and wash out the dye. Naturally hair will lose its luster, shine and become brittle after you dye the strands. To avoid further damage deep conditioning your wig will help lock in all that added moisture you may have lost during the bleaching process.


How do you achieve highlights on your lace wig?

So, there you have it, a fun and easy way to add highlights to your lace wig. And, even though you may not be a professional when it comes down to highlighting your wig, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that can help you with a step by step guide on how to do it as well. We know that there are probably plenty of more ways to highlight your lace wig, but we want to hear those techniques from you. So, if you have an awesome technique and want to share it, please do in the comment section down below.

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