New Year New Weave, How To Know When Your Weave Is Getting Old?

It’s a New Year my ladies, and as I’m sure you’re all frantically rushing to write down those new year resolutions. If so, please do not forget to add purchasing new HUMAN HAIR WEAVE to the list. We all know how set we are on saving money, working out, or even eating healthier in 2020. But, what I’m noticing a lot of people forget about is looking and feeling beautiful. There’s an old saying that says “hair is our beauty”, among other things. So, our goal is to have you slaying all 2020, and that firsts starts with getting rid of old weave. Now, you’re probably wondering “well, how do I know if my weave is old?” Oh, you’ve come to the right place. A lot of times whether we are being lazy or trying to cut back on spending we leave sew-ins for an extended period or keep trying to re-use the same old HAIR EXTENSIONS from 2 years ago. Trust us, your hair is crying out for help, and if you can’t tell, we’ve taken to time to write out a few telltale signs of aging bundles. It’s a new year, which means new weave! So, without further ado check out this blog post on how to know when your weave is getting old.


Your Weave is Raising Up

Okay, so first the biggest telltale sign that you weave is getting old, is that it’s raising high up off of your head. The reason for this catastrophe is that your braids underneath is getting so old that it becomes loose and bulky. If you notice that your weave is no longer lying flat on your head and you’re now wearing hats to cover up the fact that it is bulky, it’s time to throw out your weave. Some people may think it’s just time for a new sew-in and that nothing is wrong with the extensions itself. But as time goes on your weave gets old so do the wefts. Often time the tracks on your weave attain oil buildup and other debris that cause it to become slack very easily. Most people will try to reuse the tracks and realize that their sew-in becomes old very quickly and will raise up since the thread because very slack on the oily tracks. So, if you find yourself trying to style your weave in voluminous curls to cover up how high it is raised then it’s probably time to purchase a new set of bundles.


Your Weave is Shedding

It’s kind of normal to have your weave shedding a little here and there. But when you start to notice clumps or strands falling out day in and day out, it’s probably time to try something new. The reason behind extensions shedding is due to the fact that over time the wefts become slack and oily. When this problem occurs, the hair attached to the tracks cannot stay on any longer and begin to fall out very quickly. It’s very important that you purchase weave that is of high and great quality. When you purchase hair of poor quality it’s possibly that the wefts were not properly installed or constructed well, which is causing an excess of shedding. Another great tip to help you out in the future, is when you purchase new hair bundles try sealing the wefts. Many people buy weft sealants to help prevent shedding in the future.


Your weave can’t hold a hairstyle

If you’re starting to notice that your weave cannot hold a style for any amount of time it’s probably because it’s getting old. We must remember that weave is just like our natural hair. The more heat or products that you add into your extensions the more that it becomes damaged or weighed down. When this issue occurs, it becomes very hard to style your strands in the most basic hairstyles. You’ll notice that curls do not last very long, straight styles begin to get frizzy very quickly, and when you notice these small changes it’s time to throw that weave away. New and fresher extensions have bounce and more life to them. When you straighten or curl the strands you will see the style lasts for much longer than older weave. If you’re someone who has been rocking the same old bun or ponytail with your weave that shows that the hair does not have much life left. This saying also reigns true for people who see a lack of shine, luster, or bounciness in their bundles. If it’s starting to look like a old ratty wig it’s time to toss it out and buy some new extensions.


Your natural hair is becoming damaged!

Ah yes, although we are talking about weave it does have a direct correlation to your natural tresses. If you’re noticing that every time you take out your sewing your natural hair is either falling out, breaking out, or shedding like crazy, it’s probably because your weave is causing damage. Remember the reason for extensions is to promote hair health and growth. A bad weave will start adding tension on to your edges, causing them to break off and leave you edge less. For those of my ladies who like a little leave-out. Are you starting to notice that your hair isn’t quite matching the texture of the bundles? This problem occurs when your natural hair is going through breakage which is caused by excessive heat on your strands or the wefts pulling against your tresses. The most important thing you can take away from this post is that even if you can’t tell if your weave is getting old, you should know how long to have a sew-in installed. After 4 to 6 weeks give your hair a break. Keeping your extensions in for an extended period of time can cause serious problems for your real hair.


Your Weave is Starting to look like a Wig!

I know that we have all seen it before. You know, when a woman goes to scratch the top of her head and the whole sew-In begins to move and have a mind of its own. Yeah, a proper weave/ sew-in will not begin to raise up or move so easily that it looks like a wig from afar. What’s worse than that is when extensions begin to tangle or become matted. We all know how wigs tangle easily especially towards the back as they lie on our necks. So, if your weave is starting to become so knotted and tangled up that it’s hard to comb out, it’s probably time for a new set. It’s alright all good things come to an end, but that just leaves more room for great new bundles to enter your life.


It’s a New Year? Is your Weave New Too?

As you can see it can be obvious when it’s time to take out that weave. But most of us love holding on to things that are no longer good for us. Remember it’s a new year, and with that means new responsibilities and challenges for us to take on. So, I’m challenging all of you to do something nice for yourself for the start of the year. Treating yourself to some brand-new extensions may be just the thing you need to give you a boost for 2020. We want to know if you’ve experienced some bad weave and how did you know it was time to let it go? Leave a comment in the section down below.

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