Which One Is Better? A Wig Or Hair Weave?

Which One Is Better? A Wig Or Hair Weave?

The battle between wigs and hair weave has been an ongoing topic in the hair care community for quite some time now. Weaves and wigs may seem similar when you are shopping around, but they both serve different purposes. Depending on your lifestyle and the health of your hair, your choice of which one is better will all come down to your personal preference. The rise in sales of lace front wigs is on a steady incline, but people seem to forget that quality human hair extensions are always in high demand. So how does one make such a tough decision when it comes down to what they want in a hairstyle? Well, thankfully in this blog post we are going to be breaking down the pros and cons of both of these hair trends. We will walk you through what hair experts are saying and what celebrity hair stylist live by. By the end of your read we hope we can help you answer the age-old question of which product is better wigs or hair weaves?

What Is Human Hair Weave?

Quick summary on human hair weaves. These beauties are sewn on to a weft that securely holds the hair into place on to your head. The human hair business is very lucrative and has become a multibillion-dollar market over the last few years. The simple fact that you can make wigs, eyelashes, and extensions all from human hair weave has much to do with its success. The number one popular hairstyle when it comes down to hair weaves are sew-ins. If this hairstyle is done properly then it can add extra length on top of being a perfect protective hairstyle for any woman on the go.

What Are Human Hair Wigs?

Quick Summary on human hair wigs, these can come in many forms. You may hear people referring to wigs as full lace, 360 lace, lace front, or single part units. These units are constructed by sewing the wefts of hair weave on to a cap and placing the cap securely on your head with clips or combs. Wigs give its customers the chance to express their versatility without having to commit to one hairstyle for so long. Quality is the main variable that you will need to evaluate when it comes to your human wig choice. Lack of quality will cause your unit to not stand the test of time and unfortunately result in you spending excessive money.

Lets Get Into The Pros and Cons

hair weave

The Pros of Hair Weave

So, The number one reason customers are loving hair weave is because it is an excellent choice when it comes down to a protective hairstyle. Getting sew-ins are ideal during the summer time to keep your natural strands away from excessive heat. When you purchase weave you now have the option to choose a hairstyle without having to cut or damage your natural hair. Another postive advantage or hair weave is that once the hair is installed with proper care the hairstyle can last you up to 2 months! If you are a women who is always on the go, and do not have time to fix a wig on your head everyday then this would be a great alternative for you. The number one reason women love weave is due to its security. You can walk around with a peace of mind that your hairstyle wont slip or blow off with the wind.

The Cons of Hair Weave

Like all things good in life it also comes with a little bad. The process of installing hair weave can be intense, and sometimes can lead to hair loss. Many clients state that they hate having to braid their hair too tight just to install tracks in them. Also the process of threading your hair when you get a sew-in can be painful for those who have sensitive scalps. If you are someone who hates the expression “no pain, no gain”then weave may not be the right option for you. Another con is the price, having hair weave installed can be expensive ranging from $250 to $500. If your finances arent where you want them to be then we suggest you save up when trying to get this hairstyle. Some even say the versatility of hair weave is not that diverse or reasonable. Think about it, once you get a sew-in you must dedicate 4 to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) of that hairstyle before you can switch it up again. When you purchase a wig you have the option to switch your style up daily. This advantage alone is why many think wigs are superior to hair weave.

Human Hair Wig

The Pros Of Wigs

Now, lets get into the pros of wearing human hair wigs. The number one reason women are flocking to wigs is because they help solve issues of hair thinning, baldness, or complete hair loss by covering up your entire scalp. Weaves are only beneficial if you have natural hair growing on your head. Next up is its versatility. With wigs you can switch up your hair color, texture, and even the length. Imagine having the ability to change up your hairstyle in the matter of seconds. Well, wigs will give you that option. Another great benefit of hair wigs is that they come in multiple cap sizes with an adjustable drawstring. This added feature ensures that you will be able to find a wig that fits perfectly to your head shape. No one wants to experience the pain of a too tight sew-in or weave installation, so wigs give you the best alternative to picking a comfortable hairstyle.

Since most wigs are made light-weight you do not have to stress about your wig weighing your head down or causing neck pain or tension headaches. With a wig you do not have to worry about the extensive cost of a hairstylist to install the unit for you. Most customers who purchase wigs say that they are very beginner friendly. You can practically eliminate the costs of high priced sew-ins by purchasing a wig. Lastly, the best advantage of hair wigs are their ability to be taken off and put right back on in the comfort of wherever you are. Imagine after a long day of work being able to take your hair off, rest it on the counter and sleep peacfully without being uncomfortable. This option is pefect for those who do not want to wear a wig every single day.

The Cons of Wigs

Okay, now lets get into the cons of human hair wigs. Sometimes wigs need modifications. If your human hair wig looks to shiny, neat, or perfect it can become unrealistic looking. And rememeber the main reason people buy wigs is to give the apperance of a natural head of hair. The way around this con is by adding your own customizations to your unit, the way many women do this is by plucking the hair line, tinting the lace, or adding baby hairs. Keep all these methods in mind before purchasing your first human hair wig unit. Next up on the cons list is the amount of time it takes to put on your wig. Unfortunately unless you sew your wig down onto your natural hair you will be someone who takes it off every night. This action means that you will hae to reapply your wig everytime that you wake up or leave the house and that can become tedious. Lastly, human hair wigs are not cheap they range from $300 to $2000. You can opt for an inexpensive human hair unit, but they tend to have a shorter life span.

Which Option Best Suits Your Lifestyle?

When it comes down to if a wig or weave is better, you should ask yourself which hairstyle best suits your lifestyle? If you are a women who is constantly on the go, and have little time to waste then wearing human hair weave would be your go to. When you are constantly working you need something that you do not have to mess with or that gets in the way of other things that need to be done. Now, if your lifestyle has a little more freedom, for example if your someone who needs quick hair looks that do not take long to accomplish then wigs are just right for you. Try taking some time this week to evaluate your lifestyle and which product would fit best in your daily schedule.

So Which is Better Wigs or Hair Weave?

So, we have gone over everything that you need to know, and now down to the final question which is better wigs or hair weaves? Honestly based off the pros and cons that we have listed we can say that wigs have a little more of an advantage over hair weaves. But honestly, it all comes down to your personal preference. One is not better than the other but simply one can be better for your lifestyle than the next. All and all both beautiful creations have helped so many women along their hair care journey that we honestly cannot pick a winner. We do suggest that you give them both a try atleast once in your lifetime so you can figure out or decide which one fits best with your daily life routine. We hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, and we would love to hear your thoughts on which option you think is best; Wigs or Hair Weave? Make sure to leave a comment down below and make sure to stay tuned for more blog posts from Fashion Hair Weave.

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